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Hello! Welcome to Hogwarts Rises, a role-playing Harry Potter site for all ages. You can create an account and join us as we battle though the years of Hogwarts. Take your OWLs, make new friends, earn points for your house. The possibilties are endless! Our site is very simlar to our beloved Hogwarts except we have slightly different lessons and houses. Before anything else, you may want to be sorted into your house and read through the rules (links below). Are you ready to apparate into a world of adventure? 


We would also like to announounce that we have released a beta version of our new site, It is accesible through http://adf.ly/wd5SB (We do apologise for the ad but it is neccesary to keep the site running as of right now).

The site running and working correctly, we are just in beta while we work on adding in some fun and exciting new features for our members, We look forward to seeing you over there and hearing your feedback!:)


http://adf.ly/wd5Z0  (our houses and how to become sorted)

http://adf.ly/wd5cL  (where you can ask questions about the site)


Any other help just contact me (Annabeth Chase) or any of our Admins. (Annoriel Woods or Carmilla Hollstein or Emily Sands)

You can also contact us at the email: contact@hogwarts-rises.tk

-The HR Team

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Totals: (Updated weekly)

Zapetto- Because Annie is here x

Prodiglis- 134

Norqua- 124

Komalia- 39

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